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Usually, parents are subject to criminal sanctions when their child's absences from school violate the compulsory school attendance laws. If parents fail to pay these fines, they can be sentenced to the county jail for up to 5 days. However, parents are only responsible for their child's absences from school if the child is under their "control or charge.

The second situation affected by a minor's emancipation status is which school district a minor must attend. Once again, a minor child need not go to court to be declared emancipated. A school district should determine if a minor is emancipated by getting information from the student and the student's parents. A school district should focus on whether the student still lives with the parents and whether the parents provide any support. If a school district is unwilling to collect the information it needs to determine if the student is emancipated, you may require legal assistance.

Under the law, parents are liable for the tortious acts of their children. A "tortious act" is an act that is willful and results in an injury.

An "injury" includes injury to a person, theft, and destruction or loss of property. However, there are limits on the amount that parents are liable for as a result of their child's conduct. Again, emancipation is not defined under this statute. A court would then determine the parent's liability using the emancipation factors discussed earlier.

Emancipation of Minors

In any custody lawsuit, the court must decide the best interest of the child. However, a guardian must be appointed for a minor parent in a custody lawsuit. The purpose of a guardian is to act on the minor parent's behalf during the custody litigation.

Age of consent reform

The Pennsylvania Adoption Act defines a minor parent as someone under the age of Thus, to retain custody or voluntarily place a child for adoption, a minor parent is, in effect, "emancipated. A court will look at the facts of the minor's situation.

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In effect, the minor child must already be living independently for a court to determine that the child is emancipated. A minor should get legal assistance when asking a court for a judicial decree of emancipation.

Pennsylvania’s Statutory Rape Laws and Potential Penalties

Parents must support their children who are unemancipated and 18 years of age or younger. Likewise, parents are not required to support their emancipated children. However, the Divorce Code does not state how to determine if a minor child is emancipated for the purpose of ordering support. Maurer , Pa.

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For support purposes, a child is not emancipated if the parents abandon the child or because the minor child is able to become self-supporting. Finally, a minor child may move "in and out of emancipation" for support purposes. In support matters, therefore, the main issue in determining if a minor child is emancipated is whether the child relies on the parents for support. An emancipated minor will never be allowed to do everything an adult may do. - Your Online Guide to Legal Information and Legal Services in Pennsylvania

Youth are more vulnerable to nicotine addiction than are older adults, yet nearly nine percent of high school students in Pennsylvania are current smokers. Currently, Act of prohibits the sale of tobacco to minors under 18 in Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, local youth access laws are preempt, meaning that they cannot be stricter than or differ from the state law.

Preventing youth initiation of tobacco use is an important strategy for reducing the overall burden of tobacco in part because 95 percent of current smokers first began smoking before they turned State-level efforts to raise the minimum legal age of sale are critical. The Food and Drug Administration FDA , which has federal regulatory authority of tobacco products per the Family and Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, is prohibited from raising the nationwide tobacco sales age.

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  4. Raising the age of sale for tobacco products to 21 would be particularly impactful on youth ages , a majority of whom obtain tobacco through social contacts such as family and friends.