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One of the main components of the residency application package is the Letter of Recommendation.

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In orthopedics, programs require at least three, with one being from the Department Chair of your home program. But getting a letter of recommendation is much easier said than done. When I did it, I had post-traumatic flashbacks to being an awkward high school and college student asking a girl on a date. The first one is by far the most difficult.

First, you have to pick your target. Most likely it will be the person you spend the most time with, or the person who is most valued by other people. This is something important enough that it should be planned. You find yourself focusing on the little details. Maybe after a good case.

The dating dentist.

What if she says no? Will it be awkward the next morning? You know you should try to catch her alone, preferably in a private place, and with no other potential suitors around though be careful not to come across as creepy! Aha, the perfect opportunity!

Loma linda dating !

A conversation with a coworker has just ended, and she is collecting her things to leave. You approach, forcing a confidence to your step. Just as you are about to open your mouth, another person speaks up from across the room.

Now you have no other reason to be standing there. You grab a nearby chart and act as if you are brushing up on a history. Offers degrees to the alford american federation for rent.

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